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Easily Close a LLP


An inactive or dormant LLP can be wound up to avoid annual compliance formalities and penalty for non-compliance. IndiaFilings offers winding up of a limited liability partnership from Rs.15899/-


Closure of Bank Account

The bank account if opened need to be closed before the procedure of closing the LLP can be started. The designated partners need to approach banker with a request for closure and obtain a closure certificate from the bank that the account maintained with them has been closed.

Prepare a statement of Accounts

A statement of assets and liabilities need to be prepared and signed by the designated partners, which need to be certified by the auditors of the LLP or in case the LLP did not appoint an auditor any chartered accountant in practice.

Partners meeting and Consent

Once the bank account of the LLP is closed and a statement of assets or liabilities is drawn and attested by the auditor or any other CA, the partners need to meet and decide on the closure of LLP. the decision for closure must be made as prescribed in the LLP agreement.

Drafting of Affidavit & Indemnity Bond

Once the partners have decided to close the LLP, an affidavit to the truthfulness of the information and documents which shall be filed with the ROC. Further, an indemnity bond to satisfy any future debt which may arise to the LLP after its closure is prepared, signed and attested.

Digital signature of at least one Designated Partner

DSC is the equivalent of physical or paper certificates in digital format. As the application for LLP closure is filed online with Digital Signatures of at least one designated partner. To obtain a class-2 digital signature for the partner a Photo, copy of ID and Address proof duly attested by the gazetted officer is to be submitted along with Form.

Application filing for closure of LLP

Finally, an application for closure of LLP is to be filed with necessary attachments duly signed and attested by the designated partner and a practising chartered accountant, or a company secretary or a cost and management accountant. The roc, if satisfied with the application, shall close the company within 90-120 days.



Rs. 15899/-

All inclusive Fees

Our Basic Package can be used to wind up a LLP having two Partners with no activity since incorporation.


Rs. 19899/-

All inclusive Fees

Our Standard Package can be used to wind up a LLP having upto four Partners and having no creditors.


Rs. 49899/-

All inclusive Fees

Our Premium Package can be used to wind up a LLP having upto four Partners and one secured creditor.