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Easily Alter Memorandum of Association


The Memorandum of Association of a company must be changed whenever there are changes to the object, situation or capital or liability of a company. IndiaFilings offers an easy process for effecting Memorandum of Association amendment from Rs.5000/-


Current Certificate of Incorporation
MOA and AOA in Word Format
List of Directors and Shareholders
Proposed Main Object of the Company
Digital Signature of the Authorised Director
Letterheads (approx 10) and rubber stamp of director

Stepwise Procedure to alter the object clause of the MOA of the company is as under

STEP-1: Obtain Board of Directors Approval for change of object

To decide on the new object or amendment in the existing object clause of the company the directors must meet in a legally convened board meeting. The notice sent to directors must contain the agenda of the meeting, and we suggest to include the proposed resolution so that the directors come prepared. We strongly recommend following the standards prescribed by ICSI in SS-1 for board meetings.

STEP-2: Convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of Shareholders

The next logical step is to seek approval of the shareholders of the company. The decision of shareholders can be taken only in a valid extraordinary general meeting. To convene an EGM, the directors must send notice to every shareholder of the company at least 21 clear days before the date of EGM. The notice of EGM must contain the agenda, draft of the proposed resolution to be passed as a special resolution.

STEP-3: Filing of Special Resolution to Roc in Form -MGT-14

The special resolution means a decision taken by more than 75% voting rights. The special resolution once adopted in the EGM is then filed before the ROC for their approval. The certified copy of the resolution is filed in Form -MGT-14 with the prescribed fee within 30 days of the passing of the resolution. The altered MOA and the copy of the minutes of the meeting of EGM where the special resolution is passed need to be attached to the form. With the approval of the MGT-14, the new object of the company come in force.



Rs. 7899/-

All inclusive Fees

MOA amendment for a private limited company.


Rs. 14899/-

All inclusive Fees

MOA amendment for a limited company.


Rs. 19899/-

All inclusive Fees

MOA amendment for a Section 8 company.